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Dark Roads by Chevy Stevens

 Release Date - August 3, 2021 After her dad's death, Hailey McBride is pushed to move in with her aunt and her aunt's domineering boyfriend, part of local law enforcement. Like many other young women in the area, Hailey disappears. The difference is Hailey ran away after learning something and is hiding up in the woods. A year later, Beth Chevalier comes to Cold Creek hoping to find answers regarding her sister's murder. Her sister was Hailey's friend and Beth wants answers. Who is killing women along the dark roads in Cold Creek and how can they stop these murders? Dark Roads is fiction but based loosely on a number of killings. Within Chevy Stevens' novel there are plenty of twists that readers may or may not see coming. I wasn't surprised with the big reveal, so it wasn't shocking. That didn't stop me from wanting to stop reading. I was so engrossed with Hailey's situation that I couldn't put the book down. Beth is an addict, so she's