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Little Creeping Things by Chelsea Ichaso

 Release Date - June 2, 2020 Cassidy Pratt's been known as the "Fire Girl" since childhood when a playhouse tea party turned deadly. It's Melody that makes her life the most torturous form of hell. When the teen overhears someone with Melody in the woods and realizes she may have overheard Melody's murder, she doesn't know who to turn to. If she tells the police everything, she's a suspect. But, she's not comfortable with the threatening messages she's getting either. Her best friend wouldn't understand why Cassidy is keeping some of the truth a secret. Cassidy certainly can't trust anyone at school. If she wants to clear her name, she needs to figure out what happened to Melody. The build-up of the mystery does have you filled with tension and ready for the big reveal. I loved the setting and some of the characters, but the issue I ended up having is that the truth wasn't that hard to figure out. If you're paying attention, you&#