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Right After the Weather by Carol Anshaw

 Release Date - October 2019 I have a folder of books that I tried to get into and just couldn't. Every now and then, I like to circle back to them and see if I have better luck. Right After the Weather is one of those books. Chicagoan Cate is a Chicago set designer ready for a change. Her ex-husband currently lives with her, she's designing the set for a production she cannot see being a success, and she's trying to make the most of her current relationship. She's ready to stop depending on her parents and finally grow up, even if she's in her 40s.  Neale is Cate's best friend. She's a yoga instructor with a teen son and a life Cate would love to have.  And then the unimaginable hits and Cate is forced to do things she never imagined doing. She arrives at Neale's home to find Neale being assaulted. She takes immediate and drastic actions, actions that leave a man dead. Cate and her closest friends now realize she's capable of extreme violence. It s