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Bad Luck Bridesmaid by Alison Rose Greenberg

 Release Date - January 11, 2022 Once a bridesmaid, never a bride. But in this case, Zoey Marks keeps ending up a bridesmaid to brides who never make it down the aisle. Every single time she's agreed to be a bridesmaid, the bride flees before the vows. Zoey knows she's a "bad luck bridesmaid." Given her bad luck, she vows she'll never make the same mistakes and accept a man's proposal, even when she finds Mr. Right, Rylan Harper III. Then the worst happens. Zoey's best friend announces she's getting married and she wants Zoey to be her bridesmaid. Zoey can't tell Hannah no, but she's going to have to turn her luck around and make sure Hannah gets through the "I Do" part at a wedding in Ireland where Rylan happens to be a groomsman. What could possibly go wrong? I loved the humor and lighthearted approach in Bad Luck Bridesmaid, but I never connected with Zoey. She spent too much time on the "poor me," without stopping to con