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Sunday, April 17, 2022

The Orchid Inn: Orchid Island Book One by Aisling Delaney

 Release Date - October 2021 (Originally)

The version of The Orchid Inn that I reviewed supposedly has an April 2022 release date. I am not finding that version on Amazon, however. The cover is different on this one, but the book remains the same.

It's worst-case scenario time for Ava Flynn. She's just learned her husband has drained their accounts and left for Europe. That's just the start. She also learns that she's being fired from her job at a high-power law firm in NYC. She's broke and isn't even sure she wants to return to the job she's been fired from. It's the perfect time to head home to her grandmother's inn on Orchid Island, off the coast of Rhode Island.

There, she learns her sisters Charlotte and Sarah are also coming for the summer. She's excited to see Charlotte, but she and Sarah had a major falling out years ago. While helping their grandmother run the inn, the trio also have to mend relationships, figure out what they want to do next, and relive events from 17 years ago that changed their lives forever. It's exactly what they need to move forward.

I was drawn from the start, and once Ava hit Orchid Island, I started to wonder if the island was modeled after Block Island. If you've never been to Block Island, I highly recommend it. Sit on the front porch of the Harborside Inn, having an icy cold Flying Jenny and taking in the scenery before you start exploring.

I loved the story and was drawn into all three sisters' lives, though I do say that Sarah was the one I liked the least. She was foolish, especially as you go into her past.

The ending came off as rushed. I was a little disappointed by how quickly one thing happened. But, despite that, I was still drawn to the island and characters.

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