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Tuesday, November 30, 2021

A Little Christmas Spirit by Shelia Roberts

 Release Date - September 28, 2021

While there are romantic aspects to A Little Christmas Spirit, this really is just a warm-hearted holiday novel about a single mom and an older widower.

Since Stanley's wife died, he's been content to be a hermit within his home. Carol is tired of him hiding out and ignoring the holidays, so her ghostly self is ready to push him out of his comfort zone.

Single mom Lexi is doing everything she can to make her six-year-old son's Christmas as magical as possible. When Brock takes a big liking to their grumpy neighbor, Lexi gives up trying to stop it. If Brock sees Walter as his "grandpa," who is she to stop it?

While Walter begins filling the role of "Grandpa Walter" somewhat begrudgingly, Brock's persistence is starting to win him over. It may just be this young boy who will end up changing Walter's life and help him get back into an active lifestyle.

A Little Christmas Spirit is a delightful holiday novel. There is a touch of romance, but it's not the main focus. It happens later in the novel. It's really about Walter's growth and the realization that life has to go on with Carol's blessing. 

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