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Tuesday, April 20, 2021

A Cowboy Kind of Love by Donna Grant

 Release Date - April 27, 2021

For several years, Taryn Hillman has been living a life of danger. She's at the end of her rope and desperately wants to rescue her sister. Everyone she turns to for help turns her away. She's got one more option for getting the help she needs. To do so, she has to trust in the man whose heart she broke.

Jace Wilder can't believe Taryn is back. She left him without a word and disappeared. Now that she's back, the chemistry between the two is just as hot as ever. She's back and he's determined to keep her in his life. When he learns why she left and what she's up against, he and his friends may have one of their toughest challenges yet.

I've loved all of this series. The fiery chemistry between Jace and Taryn is clear from the start. Her situation is dire. And, Jace and his friends are actually up against something that's going to really test their skills. I loved the action and intrigue.

There are parts of A Cowboy Kind of Love that I didn't love as much. There's a new character introduced and I found it hard to like him. I also found my opinion of another character changed a bit as the story went on. When the big scene hit, I found myself almost angry that it took that route. It get it, but I definitely didn't like it. Read it and you'll see what I mean.

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