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The Summer of No Attachments by Lori Foster

 Release Date - June 22, 2021 Veterinarian Ivey Anders is ready to move on from her current relationship. She and her boyfriend don't mesh, and she should have realized they were a lousy match a long time ago. She's ready to have some fun without being tied down or restricted. Her first step is to help her assistant and friend Hope find a place to call her own. That leads her to meet a newcomer to town who just purchased a lakefront home that has an apartment over the garage that Hope could move into immediately. When she meets Corbin Meyer and his son, she can't help but fall for Corbin's son. After all, the very shy pregnant dog her practice just took on willingly goes to Justin. If the dog thinks Justin is okay, how can Ivey turn her back on him and his dad? Soon, she's spending a lot of time and becoming a big part of their lives. But is she really ready to bounce from one relationship into another where someone else's needs always have to come first? I am