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When She Returned by Lucinda Barry

 Release Date - October 15, 2019 Eleven years ago. Kate Bennett vanished without a trace. Her car, purse, cellphone, and personal belongings were found in a store parking lot. Kate's never been seen again, and so many people have searched for her. Her husband always held hope that shed's return, but he has since remarried. Suddenly, several states away, Kate shows up in Montana carrying an infant and begging for help. She's been badly beaten and detectives believe she'd been held captive by a cult she'd interviewed for the paper where she worked. After 11 years, several family members are shocked. Meredith, wife number two, knew this could always happen, but now she's trying to hold onto her marriage as it's clear her husband has never gotten over his feelings for his first wife. Abbi was five when her mom disappeared, and she has few memories of her mom. She needs to make up for the lost time. Scott is doing everything possible to find out what happened t