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The Truth and Other Hidden Things by Lea Geller

 Release Date - April 6, 2021 Some women will truly get Bells Walker and others may not be there yet. I got her and felt every ounce of frustration, pain, hurt, and joy she felt. For that reason, this book was amazing and it had me laughing and crying. In The Truth and Other Hidden Things , Bells Walker is in for a shock when she learns the joke's on her when her almost foolproof IUD has resulted in a close to mid-life pregnancy. She's about to turn 43 and pregnancy at this age is not on her to-do list. Pair that news with her husband's announcement that he's denied tenure again. Not only is Bells pregnant, but her teens are about to be uprooted as they're all moving to Pigkill, New York, where Harry is able to land a job at Duchess College. Life in Pigkill is nothing like life in New York City. In a town where hipsters flock, a 40-something mom-to-be doesn't fit in. Kombucha, pickled vegetables, and CBD coffee are not her thing and probably never will be. As