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Saturday, May 15, 2021

The East End by Jason Allen

Release Date - May 7, 2019

Tired of catering to the summer people's demands, Corey Halpern spends his summer sneaking into the lakeside homes of the elite and pulling pranks. It doesn't matter if they're home in bed, he He'sbreaks in, pulls a prank like adding salt to their milk, and sneaks out again. He's yet to get caught.

His latest target is the home of his his and mother's wealthy employers. While billionaire Leo Sheffield is decent to Corey's mom and Corey, Leo's wife is a menace. Corey cannot stand her and decides this is the home he'll break into and steal from. Only, he arrives and spies on Leo in a very compromising position. Though the events that follow are completely accidental, Leo must make sure know one ever knows. The problem is that Corey saw everything. 

The East End has an incredibly fast pace and is packed with lots of "what's going to happen next" moments. I felt for Leo, but the rest of the characters never appealed to me. Corey's a troublemaker and blames too many others for the hardships he faces, his mom needed serious help, and Leo's wife is horrible. 

As much as I enjoyed the ride, I never really found it believable. The situation from start to finish felt contrived. While there were moments I loved, I never really connected as much with Corey or his mom as I think the author would have wanted.

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