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Content, Inc. by Joe Pulizzi

Release Date - September 2015 Joe Pulizzi McGraw-Hill Education Content marketing is something I have spent years doing. Not for myself, but I work with website design and management firms to create SEO content for their sites. Therefore, I was interested to hear what Joe Pulizzi, CEO of CopyBlogger, had to say. First off, I love his approachable, honest writing style. That drew me in. The book is broken into eight main parts: Starting the Journey The Sweet Spot The Content Tilt Building the Base Harvesting Audience Diversification Monetization Next-Level Content Most of his advice is spot on and I learned a thing or two along the way. Personally, I prefer working with another company, so I'm happy where I am. But if you want to do it all yourself, this is a must-read business guide. I found myself taking notes along the way, especially with guides to helpful calendar apps and programs, I've yet to find one I love, so I stick to Google's calendar, bu