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Monday, October 19, 2015

Content, Inc. by Joe Pulizzi

Release Date - September 2015

Joe Pulizzi
McGraw-Hill Education

Content marketing is something I have spent years doing. Not for myself, but I work with website design and management firms to create SEO content for their sites. Therefore, I was interested to hear what Joe Pulizzi, CEO of CopyBlogger, had to say. First off, I love his approachable, honest writing style. That drew me in.

The book is broken into eight main parts:

  • Starting the Journey
  • The Sweet Spot
  • The Content Tilt
  • Building the Base
  • Harvesting Audience
  • Diversification
  • Monetization
  • Next-Level Content

Most of his advice is spot on and I learned a thing or two along the way. Personally, I prefer working with another company, so I'm happy where I am. But if you want to do it all yourself, this is a must-read business guide. I found myself taking notes along the way, especially with guides to helpful calendar apps and programs, I've yet to find one I love, so I stick to Google's calendar, but I don't love it.

There are times I disagree with what is said, but that's all part of human nature. Google's algorithm changes haven't always brought the best content to the top. As someone who spends day in and day out researching material, I can say that Penguin and Panda brought some real duds to the top. For example, one site that comes up in the top five when I search "hotel reservations" comes up with a site that until recently was filled with 301 errors and even today the blog is a blank page. That's not useful to me, yet Google thinks it is. I've often found that researching in Yahoo after looking in Google often leads to better results.

For anyone in SEO writing, content marketing, and even working as a blogger, Content, Inc. is still a valuable tool that you should have in your permanent collection.

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