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When Sparks Fly by Helena Hunting

 Release Date - September 21, 2021 Avery Spark and her sisters suffered the greatest loss when their parents were killed in a car accident. They're successful business owners now and run their grandmother's hotel. In her downtime, Avery and her roommate, Declan McCormick, enjoy food, sports, and hanging out with their friends. On one of their usual evenings, Avery mixes things up by heading out on a date the night before she has to travel. It upsets Declan and that's where everything goes wrong. Declan decides to go out to a bar and ends up hungover on the morning he offered to loan Avery his SUV. Forced to take her car before winter tires are installed, Avery is in a horrible crash and needs a caregiver for several months while she heals. Declan's guilt has him signing up for the role. During their time together, Avery must rely on Declan in more ways than she ever imagined. He must overcome the guilt he feels. They start falling for each other, but can their new fee