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Mango, Mamba, and Murder by Raquel V. Reyes

 Release Date - October 12, 2021 Meet Miriam Quinones-Smith, a happily married food anthropologist who finds herself uprooted from NYC to her husband's Floridian hometown. While Miriam's determined to make the best of the challenges of moving to a new community with a four-year-old, her mother-in-law is not making it easy. Nor is her husband's high school girlfriend who is back in his life and making it clear she was part of the family first. One of her first outings brings Miriam to a Women's Club luncheon with her best friend, Alma. Alma is a local realtor and loves to network. When a woman at the luncheon drops dead during the meal, everyone is questioned. When a second person dies, it's hard to ignore that something is going on. Miriam suspects it has something to do with a local herbologist's tea blends.   At the same time, a local channel wants to hire Miriam to do a cooking segment that focuses on recipes and stories that share Miriam's Cuban heritage