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The Collected Regrets of Clover by Mikki Brammer

Release Date - May 9, 2023 Genre - General Fiction, Women's Fiction, Contemporary Romance Clover's life has always been intertwined with death. As a kindergartener, her teacher dropped dead in front of the class. Her parents died when she was a child, so her journey brought her to New York City to live with her grandfather, a man who would become her everything. When she was a young adult and exploring the world, he passed away alone in his office. She's never gotten past the fact that he died alone, and that's what led her to become a death doula, a job that few people understand, so it limits her friendships. Her latest client has amazing stories to tell, and one of them involves the man who got away. Clover sets off on a trip to find that man and see if she can bring peace to her client before she passes. It's this trip and this women who have Clover reevaluating her life and what she wants most. I've sat with both of my parents as they died, and the role of

Adelaide by Genevieve Wheeler

Release Date - April 18, 2023 Genre - Women's Fiction Adelaide is an American living her best life in England. Londoner Rory Hughes is everything she could ever imagine in a man. He's charming, sexy, and she's quickly falling in love with him. Only tragic events change him and even Adelaide is having a hard time getting back the Rory she wants. But, what is it going to cost her to save him? Adelaide is very much a book about mental health, romance, and the chance for do-overs. It's dark, light, and very hard to put down. Don't put it down or let the darkness keep you from reading. It's very much worth the time. The writing is fluid and starts in the past, goes farther into the past, and then brings readers to the future. It's that future where you become so happy you stuck with Adelaide, her views on love, and her quest for the man who will win her heart for life. 

Places I Never Meant to Be - Edited by Judy Blume

Release Date - 1999 Genre - Anthology I'm angry. For the first time in 20+ years, I am close to giving up reviewing books. Why bother? A week or so ago, I got a notification that a review of mine was being taken down as the content was anti-Google policies. Why? It was a fictional young adult book about trafficking. Something that happens daily. Something I despise, but my not liking it doesn't make it go away.  I'd picked up a copy of Places I Never Meant to Be many years ago at a library book sale. There's never been a more fitting time to review this book. It's a series of short stories all written by authors who have faced book bans. One of my favorites, Judy Blume, edited the book. Dr. Seuss turned me into a life-long reader, but Judy Blume, Lois Duncan, Stephen King, and Dean Koontz all sparked the flames into a fire that hasn't slowed down.  Julius Lester said: "Censorship is an attitude of mistrust and suspicion that seeks to deprive the human expe