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Missing Clarissa - Ripley Jones

Release Date - March 8, 2023 Genre - Young Adult/Teen Fiction Twenty-three years ago, popular cheerleader Clarissa disappeared during a party. She was never heard of or seen again. When high schoolers Blair and Cameron learn they'll be teaming up to work on a project of their choosing in journalism class, a podcast related to Clarissa's disappearance seems like the perfect choice. With their teacher's approval, they begin looking at old articles, re-interview people from Clarissa's class, and see if they can come up with different angles. They do just that.  Was it Clarissa's jock boyfriend who was suspected but no firm evidence was found. How about Clarissa's art teacher who left his job shortly after her disappearance and opened an art retreat in California's mountains? Or, are they overlooking others as they focus on the detective's key suspects? Did Clarissa simply leave and start a new life away from the small town, as some suspect? Never do they e

You Wouldn't Dare - Samantha Markum

Release Date - March 28, 2023 Genre - Young Adult Fiction Juniper Abreheart's life has hit some turbulence, and she's not sure she appreciates it. After kissing one of her closest friends (Graham) and being part of turmoil in his life, she's not sure she can regain what she lost. Plus, Junie's mom seems to be happily moving on with her romance with a local doctor, and that doctor's daughter is little more than a pain in Junie's backside. This is not how her senior year was supposed to go. While she tries to fix the damage she's caused in several areas of her daily routine, it's her relationship with Graham that may take the most work. But, she really wants things to go back to normal, even if it means stepping outside of her comfort zone. You Wouldn't Dare is set in Florida. It's one of the few states I've never been to, so I can't delve into the setting this time. It seemed nice enough, though Florida isn't a state that's on my r

Off the Map by Trish Doller

 Release Date - March 21, 2023 Genre - Contemporary Romance I don't often want to give a book five stars, as five stars means perfection and very little is perfect. This is pretty close to perfect so five stars it is. Carla Black's mom walked away when she was little, and her dad died everything to be the best dad possible. Together, the pair explored the U.S. in her dad's Jeep, fixing it when necessary. But, he has dementia and is ready to slow down and move in with his significant other. He has one wish. Carla is to keep exploring. It's with that nature that she happens to be in Ireland for her best friend's wedding. The groom's brother is tasked with picking her up at the airport and driving her to the town where the wedding is taking place. But, Carla's adventurous spirit appeals to Eamon, so the pair make quite a few detours on the way. It's during those details that they start to fall for each other, but Carla is not the settling-down type, so she

No More Secrets by Kerry Lonsdale

 Release Date - March 14, 2023 This is the third part of a series about siblings with a horrific upbringing. This time, it's Lucas Carson's time. He's on the run and has created a quiet life for himself in the desert. He's not seen his sister Lucy since she ran away as a teen, though he knows she's become a popular animator. He's never forgiven himself for not helping her more. When Luc finds a runaway in the store where he works, he can't help but feel it's his chance to save someone like Lucy. Shiloh Bloom is on the run and escaping her own horrific upbringing. She's not about to trust Luc, but she finds herself in a situation where she has no choice, and he does seem to be keeping every promise he made when he took her in. Good things never last. Shiloh's convinced her mother and her mother's boyfriend are hot on her heels, and Luc's past threatens to catch up with him at any moment. When they do, it could put Luc in prison for life

The New Person - Loretta Nyhan

Genre - Women's Fiction Release Date - November 29, 2022 Like many single mom's, Roxy Novak works hard to balance work and her son's needs. She holds two jobs in order to be able to afford their small apartment. She never expects her ex to take her to court for custody. Worse, she lacks the money to afford a lawyer.  This is how Roxy makes the decision to become a surrogate. Nora and Owen Finnegan have everything they could imagine, except for a child of their own. After their latest surrogate miscarries, Nora is devastated, but there's one more chance. Roxy could be the person to finally make their dreams of being parents come true. But, as is true in life, nothing comes easy. Each three has their own reason for being where they are today, and it's going to take an incredible bond to lead them on this journey of realizing what family is. The New Person wasn't my normal read. It was filled with characters I didn't like, and a few that I really did. There was