Wednesday, January 4, 2023

New Year: New Reviews

 It's a new year, and that means new reviews. This year, I'm going to be adding more than book reviews from time to time. Every now and then, I get a product that stands out as a must-own. I think they deserve praise, too, especially when I use them all of the time while I'm reading. 

Coffee is one of the biggies. I always start my morning with a cup of coffee and the book I'm currently reading. News is first and then I dive into a book. I have been experimenting with roasting my own coffee lately. I buy green coffee beans and roast them to my preferred darkness at home. This roaster took a few days of getting used to how to roast beans perfectly, but now that I know the first crack, second crack rule, I'm having great success!

Sit down with your tea or coffee (or whatever else appeals) and enjoy hopefully a less stressful year of reading, writing, and fun.

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