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Just the Nicest Couple by Mary Kubica

 Release Date - January 10, 2023 Happy holidays! I couldn't wait to dive into Mary Kubica's new release, and as always, it had me hooked. Lily is pregnant and pretty anxious about it. Her past pregnancies have led to miscarriages, but she and her husband are hopeful. There's just one problem, Lily is the last person to have seen her friend's husband, Jake, and he's missing. Only Lily and her husband know the truth. Lily was taking a walk when Jake attacked her. She hit him and ran. Now that he's missing, Lily fears maybe she hurt him, but she and her husband do everything to cover her tracks, including Lily confessing to police that Jake and his wife Nina had been arguing a lot lately.  Meanwhile, Nina knows she and Jake had another argument and that he may simply have walked away from her, but he never would have walked away from his patients. Of that, she's sure, and she'd determined to find out where Jake is. Once again, I couldn't put the book

Mistletoe Season by Michelle Major

 Release Date - October 26, 2021 I found another book I read right before my mom died last December that I never did the review. Again to the author and publisher, my apologies.  Mistletoe Season is part of The Carolina Girls series by Michelle Major. Angi Guilardi is a talented, popular caterer, but she gives up everything after her mom suffers a serious health setback. Angi is back running the family restaurant, even though her dreams are to get back to catering for the Wildflower Inn. Gabriel Carlyle is back in town to run his grandmother's florist shop. It's not his ideal job, and he's not stoked to be around his childhood bully again. Angi tormented him as a child, and now, for some reason, her eight-year-old son has taken a strong liking to Gabriel and likes to sneak off to visit him. The last thing Gabriel wants is to be part of this little family, but much like her son, Angi's finding Gabriel irresistible and wants to see where things will go. Of all of the ho

Keep Me Warm at Christmas by Brenda Novak

 Release Date - September 2021 A year ago, my mom's battle with Alzheimer's was nearing the end. It meant a lot of the books I'd planned to read before the holidays got pushed to the side while I was making the three-hour trip (one-way) to the Alzheimer's care unit she'd been moved to. I never did get around to Brenda Novak's Christmas romance last fall. Keep Me Warm at Christmas is the story of talented actress Tia Beckett whose world came crashing down after a tragic care accident left her face mangled. She's hiding and housesitting for her producer in hopes of dodging the paparazzi while she heals and comes to terms with all of the scars that remain. Little does she know, Maxi has also offered his home to Seth Turner, a talented artists whose family lives nearby. Seth has his own scars, though his are internal, and he needs a safe place to hide out and work on his latest pieces during the holidays.  As he gets to know Tia, Seth senses the attraction, bu

Home Sweet Christmas - Susan Mallery

 Release Date - October 4, 2022 Camryn Neff left her life, and fiance, in Chicago to care for her mom, her mom's bustling store, and younger twin sisters. After her mom's death, she decided to stay in Wishing Tree long enough to see her sisters graduate high school and head off to college. Once that happens, she can go back and pick up her life where it left off. This year, things are different as a local woman has decided that it's her mission to find her son, Jake, a wife. Camryn is at the top of the list of contenders. Camryn and Jake know it's utter nonsense, but they do find themselves becoming good friends while trying to dodge his mom's attempts. Meanwhile, Camryn's good friend River finds herself unwittingly becoming the town's Snow Queen along with Jake's semi-adopted brother, Dylan, as Snow King. She's finding herself falling for him, but she has her secrets and he has his. Both of them need to come to terms with their pasts if they'r