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Tastes Better From Scratch Cookbook: Easy Recipes for Everyday Life by Lauren Allen

 Release Date - September 22, 2022 I have a secret. I used to love to cook, but 30 years of finding and cooking recipes that match all of the different dietary needs in one household has worn me out. I have an unusual allergy to the milk sap in lettuce. Even the tiniest shard accidentally mixed into sandwich toppings will have me throwing up within an hour. One of my kids ended up with the same allergy, but worse as it makes his lips and throat become itchy and tingle. Another kid can't have any dairy, and lactose-intolerance was ruled out, dairy protein allergies are to blame. But, even if I loathe cooking, I can't just quit. Food needs to be on the table and my husband can cook three things and counts that as the end of his talents in the kitchen. I'm always looking for inspiration, however, and that's what led me to Tastes Better From Scratch. The title is pretty apt as a home-cooked meal always tastes better than a frozen or canned one. The cookbook itself contain

Holidays in Virgin River by Robyn Carr

 Release Date - October 4, 2022 I remember reading my first Virgin River book, and the series has delighted me ever since. Holidays in Virgin River is reissuing two novellas put into a romantic collection that updates readers on many of the characters and brings a few new faces into the mix. If you watch the Netflix series at all, Jack and Mel are present, as are Preacher, all of their kids, and several others. There are also the key characters in each of the holiday romance novellas. Under the Christmas Tree In the first, Annie McCarty's grown up in the area and often stops in to visit her parents. When she's not there, she's busy with her hair salon. While helping decorate the town for Christmas, she comes across box of newborn puppies under the town's Christmas tree. They're too young to be on their own, and she can't take them to her parents' home. Jack offers to house them at his bar, for now, if Annie promises to stop by and tend to them daily. The loc