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The Road to Christmas: A Sweet Holiday Romance Novel by Sheila Roberts

Release Date - September 20, 2022  Sit down and explore the holiday season through four sets of eyes in Sheila Roberts' latest holiday romance. Michelle and Max know their marriage is over. It had a long run, but personal disappointments has destroyed what's left. They put together one last Thanksgiving for their daughters, but Julia can't make it as she lives in Idaho and it's a bit much to travel with a baby. While trying to hide their failing marriage from their other two daughters and Max's parents, they's dismayed when Julia announces she wants everyone to travel from Washington and California to stay with her for Christmas. It means a road trip for all, and a difficult road trip especially for Michelle and Max as they'd have to be in a car together for far too many hours. Warren and Hazel, Max's dad and mom, have the shortest trip, but they're also the oldest. Warren has heart disease and no one is sure the trip is really a good idea for them

Snowed in for Christmas - Sarah Morgan

 Release Date - September 20, 2022 Let's talk cover art for a minute. I LOVE the color of the door on the front of Snowed In For Christmas . It's so inviting and drew me immediately to the book. If I was currently on a purple door and trim kick to #ENDALZ, I'd see about having this shade of blue. It's like the sky and ocean rolled into one. Graphic design aside, the book is just as warm and inviting. I want to be part of the Miller family please. Ross, Clemmie, and Alice all dread the questions they'll get from their mum and grammy when they make the return home for a Scottish Christmas together. It's always talk about marriage, finding their soulmate, and grandchildren. This year, Clemmie joking proposes that they create an imaginary girlfriend for Ross. She even chooses the woman for a job, a marketing executive, Lucy, who appears on the cover of one of Ross's marketing magazines. That should keep them from prying into Alice's relationship woes and C

A Taste of Murder by Jo Grossman and Robert Weibezahl

 Release Date - 2003 I pulled this one out recently and feel it deserves a review, even though it's from my personal collection. It's a fun look at recipes that popular mystery authors share from their kitchens.  What's inside? Here are the different sections and a sampling of recipes. First Instincts: Maureen Tan's Armadillo Eggs Choose Your Poison: Rick Riordan's Tres Navarre's South Texas Margarita The Pot Thickens: Connie Shelton's Green Chile Stew Dressed to Kill: William Murran's Insalata Caprese Kneadless Violence: Gillian Roberts' Crusty Fat-Free Bread (One of my favorites!) Quick and Painless: Sue Graton's The Kinsey Millhone Famous Peanut Butter and Pickle Sandwich Pasta Mortem: Bill Moody's Piano Man Pasta with Shrimp and Asparagus Something's Fishy: Richard North Patterson's Sea Bass in Orange Sauce Fowl Play: Carolyn G. Hart's Sarah's Easy Mexican Chicken Casserole Secret Meat-ings: Sherlock Holmes Public House

This Is Why We Lie - Gabriella Lepore

 Release Date - September 2021 When Adam Cole and Jenna Dallas find Jenna's friend's body floating in the sound, they're immediately questions and suspicions arise. Jenna's aunt is the lead detective on the case, and Jenna's best friend becomes the prime suspect pretty quickly. Jenna is certain Hollie didn't do it, and Adam seems to be hiding something tied to the school for troubled teen boys that he goes to. What really happened and how can Jenna prove it and save her friend from being charged with murder? I read any mystery as an armchair sleuth, trying to put together the pieces and figure it out before the big reveal in the novel. That's always been my goal while reading mysteries. I have to say I had the solution pegged in This Is Why We Lie pretty early on. The boys' big secrets that lead to all the lying in the first place. Not sure I felt those big secrets were really all that big or necessary to hide. They seemed kind of minor to me.  But, t

Mr. Perfect on Paper by Jean Meltzer

 Release Date - August 9, 2022 It's during a live broadcast that Dara Rabinowitz's Bubbe Miriam blurts to the world that the organized founder of the Jewish dating app, J-Mate, even has a list of her "Perfect Jewish Husband." For Chris Steadfast, it could be exactly what he needs to save his job. He's just learned that the news channel is about to pull his show, and after uprooting his daughter to NYC following her mother's tragic death, he cannot go through another move. It's for that reason that Chris and his producer take all of the social media buzz to heart and ask Dara to let them find the guy that checks ever item on her wish list. They'll broadcast each date on the way to finding Mr. Perfect. A man who... Is a doctor or lawyer Not previously married and doesn't have kids And is Jewish and, most importantly, one who who follows Jewish laws, especially the Kosher diet It's proving harder than Chris first imagined. Each date keeps fallin