Wednesday, May 11, 2022

Head Over Heels by Hannah Orenstein

 Release Date - June 23, 2020

I've recently learned that my adblocking software makes it impossible for me to see the book covers in my posts. If you do not see the book cover, that's why. I can see them if I go into incognito, so I know they're there, but it is frustrating. My apologies.

Head Over Heels is a book I overlooked two years ago and it's a great, very timely story. Avery Abrams missed her dream of making it to the Olympics after a tragic injury. She's spent the past seven years living with her pro-football-playing boyfriend and is happy on the other side of the coast. That is until he dumps her. 

With no choice but to return to her parents' house, Avery heads back to Massachusetts. There, she accepts a job helping coach a young girl with strong potential for making it to the Olympics, she just needs someone with the insight into what's needed for a routine that catches attention and pushes the limits. 

Being back in the athletic world is tough as Avery's injury ended more than her career, it also ended her friendship with Jasmine, another Olympic hopeful who went on to marry their coach. Avery throws herself into her new job, but a scandal breaks that leaves everyone shattered, and it forces Avery to look at all she's endured in the past and what she can do to really make a change.

While a lot of this book focuses on the training of the Olympic hopeful, there's also a romance building between Avery and Ryan, the trainer who hires her to help him out. I liked the balance of romance, humor, and drama. It created a great story that drew me in and had me cheering them on right to the final page.

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