It Had to Be You by Georgia Clark

 Release Date - May 4, 2021

At what should be an amazing wedding, everything that can go wrong does go wrong. Liv Goldenhorn can't help but become more and more frustrated by her husband's absence from this event. They've worked together as wedding planners for two decades, and he's never failed to be on time before.

Liv's world crashes down when she receives a call alerting her that Eliot is dead. Worse, it's his girlfriend, Savannah, who calls to tell her. That's not all, she later finds out that Eliot left his half of the wedding planning business to Savannah, and Savannah is determined to make this work.

Liv cannot imagine a worse form of torture than to have to partner up with her late husband's mistress. Yet, starting over with Savannah's fresh, younger take on the business may be exactly what's needed to succeed.

It Had to Be You is a delightful story. It mixes comedy and tearjerker moments. It takes an older character and a youthful one and brings them together in fun, unexpected ways. While the characters never lose focus on rebuilding the business's reputation, they clash and grow as women along the way. 

Both establish new romances of their own and become a great support system to help them with established methods and new ideas to create a cohesive team that has you cheering. I loved it.


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