Wildflower Season by Michelle Major

 Release Date - May 25, 2021

Emma Cantrell's ex-husband left a lasting trail of damage. She's going out on her own and is determined to make something of herself by opening an inn in Magnolia, North Carolina. Wildflower Inn is everything she dreams of, but a storm threatens to destroy her plans when it damages the inn she's working hard to open.

When she finds a bride-to-be crying, she takes the time to ask the bride, Holly, what's wrong. She learns the wedding venue the bride had booked fell through. Not only that, they took her money and ran. Holly needs a new venue, but she has no money left. Emma soon learns Holly is about to marry a senator. The publicity from this wedding could be a lot of free publicity if she could pull it off. 

Building a team to help support her, Emma's in need one biggie. She needs a contractor who can do the necessary repairs before the big day. Holly offers up her ex-brother-in-law. Cam Mitchell ends up being exactly what Emma needs in more ways than one. She's ready for a hot romance with no strings, but Cam makes her promise that if he agrees to help out, he will be left alone to do the work and not have to be close to anyone, including her.

Wildflower Season is a spin-off from The Magnolia Sisters series. It's also part of The Carolina Girls series. If you haven't read The Magnolia Sisters romances, you'll want to go back and check out those stories. Don't miss Holly's story in A Carolina Promise.

Magnolia is a charming town that draws you in and makes you wish you were part of it. I would love to live there with the quaint businesses, friendly locals, and scenery.

I loved watching Emma troubleshoot issues and come up with ways to work around what could otherwise put the wedding on hold. I also loved watching Cam overcome his demons and realize he was worth it. As the two realize they're better together than alone, I couldn't stop reading. I had to see how long it would take them to find each other.


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