Until I Find You by Rea Frey

 Release Date - August 11, 2020

Rebecca Gray started losing her sight years ago. Then, she lost her husband in a tragic accident while she was pregnant. For this new mom, the pressures of motherhood are compounded by her lack of vision. A set of bells on her son's feet are all she has to tell where he is.

Exhaustion is getting the better of her. During a regular "new moms" group gathering at the park, Rebecca passes out and hits her head. When she returns home, she realizes that the infant she has is not her son. No one, including the police, believes her. With the help of an old friend, Rebecca starts looking into her son's disappearance and who this strange baby belongs to.

The fast pace of this novel does it justice. I felt every moment of Rebecca's frenzy as she did everything she could to figure out what happened to her son. Not having people believe her was so frustrating, yet it also made sense as she had been "sensing" being watched or of people being in her home, yet there was never evidence. You get a bit of that "cried wolf" situation that had the police on edge. The question for the reader becomes is she telling the truth or is she simply overtired?

As the mystery plays out, there's a good twist that you may not see coming. I loved how everything played out. It kept me on my toes and made me overjoyed that I took the time to read Rea Frey's latest novel.


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