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The Lovely and the Lost by Jennifer Lynn Barnes

 Release Date - August 4, 2020 Teenager Kira Bennett has troublesome memories of her life before search-and-rescue expert Cady Bennett and her dog found and adopted Kira. Kira's grown up helping train and handle the rescue dogs, but the memories of her past don't go away. When a child goes missing in Cady's hometown, the team is called in to help with the search. For Cady, the return to her father's home is not a pleasant experience. She hasn't spoken to her father in decades, and she never wanted to again. For Kira and her brother, Jude, it's the chance to meet their grandfather and participate in the search to rescue a child. Kira takes the mission personally as she knows what this child is going through. The Lovely and the Lost is a fascinating book. I was absorbed, yet one part felt unfinished. I thought for sure that it would become a sequel, but I can't find anything that continues Kira and the Bennett's story. I loved the interactions with the

Until I Find You by Rea Frey

 Release Date - August 11, 2020 Rebecca Gray started losing her sight years ago. Then, she lost her husband in a tragic accident while she was pregnant. For this new mom, the pressures of motherhood are compounded by her lack of vision. A set of bells on her son's feet are all she has to tell where he is. Exhaustion is getting the better of her. During a regular "new moms" group gathering at the park, Rebecca passes out and hits her head. When she returns home, she realizes that the infant she has is not her son. No one, including the police, believes her. With the help of an old friend, Rebecca starts looking into her son's disappearance and who this strange baby belongs to. The fast pace of this novel does it justice. I felt every moment of Rebecca's frenzy as she did everything she could to figure out what happened to her son. Not having people believe her was so frustrating, yet it also made sense as she had been "sensing" being watched or of peopl

Seven Perfect Things by Catherine Ryan Hyde

 Release Date - May 4, 2021 Abby Hubble is 13 and not in the happiest of situations. Her dad isn't physically abusive, but he's definitely emotionally abusive. Her mom stays for reasons unknown to Abby. When she's walking home, she spies a person throwing a bag over the bridge. When she realizes that something is in that bag, she dives into the river without giving it a second thought. Inside the bag are seven puppies. She walks them to the animal shelter, but she's told they cannot take them. If they're left there, they'll end up being euthanized. Abby won't have that so she sneaks them into the shed of an abandoned cabin and decides to raise them while also keeping them hidden from her parents. Elliot Colvin hasn't been to his cabin in years. He's now a widower and needs to get away. He's not happy to find his cabin was broken into and many of his items are missing. It's the shed full of puppies that he has to focus on first. That's ho

The Newcomer by Mary Kay Andrews

 Release Date - May 4, 2021 Letty Carnahan's sister always said that if anything bad happens, Letty needs to take her niece and run. After finding Tanya's body, Letty did as her sister asked. Tanya's dead, and Letty does as told. She knows exactly who killed her sister but going on the run with the child puts Tanya on the wanted list. In Florida, Letty is trying to start a new life with four-year-old Maya. It's been a long drive, and she needs to rest. She hopes that the Florida motel parking lot where she's parked won't notice her. The owner's son, a police detective, does, but the Murmuring Surf Motel's owner, Ava, takes pity on her and offers her a room in the run-down storage unit. Eventually, it leads to a job. It isn't long before Letty feels like she's one of the family. Ava is the mother Letty wished she had growing up, and Maya is doing incredibly well. Still, Letty knows that the ruthless real estate mogul who murdered Tanya is looking