The Last Carolina Sister by Michelle Major

 Release Date - March 30, 2021s

I missed the first two books in this series. While I want to go back and read the first two sisters' stories, The Last Carolina Sister is a stand-alone romance.

Meredith Ventner is working hard to turn her animal rescue into a thriving non-profit. She relates to animals in ways that others cannot understand. When a handsome doctor temporarily becomes her neighbor, she can't help but notice he's hiding his own share of hurt.

Ryan Sorensen is in town for a few weeks to heal following tragic events at the ER where he works. It's going to be hard to move on, but it's the friendly people and passion that Meredith shows that seems to be helping. The more he gets to know Meredith, the more he realizes that what he thought he wanted from life isn't what he needed. All he really needs is right here in this charming Carolina town.

Both Meredith and Ryan are wounded souls for different reasons. They come together in a sizzling romance that's meant to last until Ryan is ready to return to his city life. I love that they took time and didn't rush anything. They got to know each other first, which isn't always the case in a romance novel. It was refreshing for that reason.


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