Perfect on Paper by Sophie Gonzales

 Release Date - March 9, 2021

Only Darcy Phillips knows the truth about locker 89. She's been running a relationship advice business from the empty locker for years. Her advice is always spot-on, so it's become a steady business. One day after checking the hallway before opening the locker, Alexander Brougham happens to come across her and quickly learns her secret. He won't tell anyone if she'll help him win back his ex-girlfriend.

Darcy's up for a challenge, even if it is becoming a dating coach for a guy who drives her nuts. She can't tell her best friend and object of her affection anything, and that could be a problem. The more she pushes away Brooke while spending time with Alexander, the harder it becomes to handle. One thing is certain, she can't reveal the truth or her friendship with Brooke could be over forever.

Darcy is bisexual and deals with a lot of conflicting feelings in the book. I loved her honesty in different situations. I also loved that the students, for the most part, at this school were accepting. It doesn't strike me as quite what my kids and their friends saw and heard in their own high school experiences, but I'd like to think that in the past four years maybe it's improved. It's certainly long overdue.

The story kept me engrossed, and I loved watching Darcy and her friends grow, learn about each other, and grow some more. I won't say there were any huge surprises along the way, but it was an enjoyable ride.


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