Possession by Katie Lowe

 Release Date - February 9, 2021

One decade earlier, Hannah found her husband's body. She couldn't remember the events of the night before. Her focus at that point is her young daughter. When police arrest a man for her husband's murder, she thinks things have settled.

Ten years have passed. She's moved to a new location with her daughter and started a new life. A podcast about people charged with crimes they didn't commit picks up her husband's story. Suspicions are that the killer was framed. Hannah has to relieve those events once again. Her family's history comes to light. Her memory loss from that night her husband was murdered adds fuel to the fire. Her addictions and her warnings at work only create more issues.

Hannah isn't sure who to trust. She isn't even sure what to make of the events from a decade earlier. It's all spiraling out of control, and Hannah only has one person she can confide in, but even then Hannah can't reveal all of her thoughts to her former colleague.

It's hard for the reader to figure out if Hannah is trustworthy or not. She's a fantastic unreliable narrator. Her actions keep you on the edge of your seat. That was the book's strong point.

The story bounces around a lot. That ended up being my biggest problem with Possession. I spent so much time thinking, "Can we move this along?" that I'd get bored and need to put it down. That was the downfall. With so many characters, the main plot, and side plots, I struggled to keep up with it. As a result, I never felt compelled to stick to a read-in-one sitting pace.


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