Make Up Break Up: A Novel by Lily Menon

 Release Date - February 2, 2021

Annika Dev is so proud of the company she's built and the app she and her best friend are creating. It's going to be a relationship translator designed to help couples understand what each partner is saying. Think "Google Translate for relationships." Once it's ready, Make Up will be a life-changing relationship app.

The problem is that Annika is running short on money in the process. Pitching her app at EPIC is her last-ditch attempt at getting that last boost of funding she needs.

Enter Hudson Craft and his very successful company Break Up. It's an app that dispatches a messenger to deliver a "kind" break up message. Hudson and Annika met in Las Vegas and had a one-night stand, so there is history there. Annika is furious that Hudson has stolen her idea and making millions by breaking people's hearts. She's also angry that he already has money and is her main competition at EPIC. She's determined to beat him if it's the last thing she does.

Hudson's just as enamored with Annika as he was in Las Vegas. He's determined to show her that he's not a bad guy. He just needs her to listen.

Make Up Break Up was a bit of a challenging read as I just didn't like Hudson. I wasn't particularly fond of Annika either. I found her to be a bit immature, especially as she got the bank's final warnings and continued to turn away offers from her dad and friend to help. I get wanting to do something on your own. She could have turned their offers into loans until the app took off and held onto her principles without putting everything in jeopardy.

Hudson comes off as very pompous when he's around her. Even when his big reveal is made, I still didn't get his character. Some of his actions, even after he's telling her that he adores her, come off as very shady and cruel.

In the end, my lack of enthusiasm for the main characters made it hard to enjoy the novel. I would have been happier had the minor characters been the focus. I genuinely liked them.


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