Good Neighbors by Sarah Langan

 Release Date - February 2, 2021

With neighbors like this, I'd move. I am trying to find any redeeming qualities in any of the neighbors in Good Neighbors by Sarah Langan, and I just can't. This book had my stomach in a knot the more I read. Maybe it's just a little too close to reality as we come from a world where so many listened to the words of one man and acted accordingly.

Maple Street is a charming street in a family-friendly area of Long Island. All is not as it seems, however. On the day a massive sinkhole appears, one family had been deliberately snubbed and were not invited to a neighborhood barbecue. What they did wrong is anyone's guess.

Arlo, an aging rock star; his wife Gertie, a pregnant mom who doesn't act or dress like the other moms; and their two children are not treated warmly. It's professor Rhea Schroeder who befriends Gertie and becomes a family friend. When things are said one night, Rhea turns on her new friend. 

When Rhea's daughter falls into the sinkhole and is presumed dead, Rhea accuses Arlo of something horrific. It's now a battle of one mother against the other and neighbors against neighbors that will leave no family the same.

This book is just sad. From start to finish, nothing in it was happy or uplifting. It's simply sad and kept getting sadder. The writing was fluid and descriptive, but the subject matter and situations were too depressing for me to find enjoyment in it.


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