Amelia Unabridged by Ashley Schumacher

 Release Date - February 16, 2021

Amelia Griffin is about to graduate high school with her best friend. They bonded over books and have been devoted readers of N. E. Endsley's Orman Chronicles series. Jenna's home life was never great, so she was happy to be absorbed into Jenna's family.

When Jenna scores tickets and surprises Amelia with a graduation present that includes a trip to attend a book festival where N. E. Endsley is the guest, they both have a hard time containing their excitement. Only the book festival is a flop and leads to a huge fight. That trip of a lifetime kicks off a summer of grief when Jenna is killed in a car crash leaving Amelia alone and the fill-in-daughter for Jenna's grieving parents.

Shortly after Jenna's death, a package arrives for Amelia. Inside of it is a rare edition of one of N. E. Endsley's books. Convinced Jenna somehow had it sent, Amelia takes off on a trip to Michigan where she's taken in by the bookstore owner and ends up meeting the elusive N. E. Endsley in person. She's determined to figure out what Jenna was up to. This trip could be exactly what it takes for Amelia to realize she's not as alone as she thinks she is.

Amelia Unabridged is part coming-of-age, part romance, and very atmospheric. I fell for the lakeside town in Michigan and its residents. Other things stood out for me. Jenna's death hits suddenly and left me feeling the same shock that Amelia experienced. This book did such a good job of drawing me in and holding me emotionally captive.

I am so happy I picked it up and let Amelia's story take me away for a bit. While it has sad moments, I ended up feeling very uplifted and so glad I read it.


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