The Perfect Guests by Emma Rous

 Release Date - January 12, 2021

Fourteen-year-old Beth's life changes when her parents and brother are killed in a car crash. Her aunt seems to have no time for her, so she's given the chance to live with a girl close to her age at the lakeside estate Raven Hall. At Raven Hall, Beth is treated as one of the family. That is until her foster parents ask her to play a harmless game where she poses as their real daughter every time their father arrives from the U.S. That changes everything.

Fast forward almost 30 years to 2019. Struggling actress Sadie Langton is offered a part pretending to be a guest at a murder mystery weekend being held at Raven Hall. As the evening begins, Sadie realizes there is something more going on. This game she's been hired to be part of is far more sinister than she could have imagined.

The Perfect Guests switches back and forth from 1988 to 2019. As the people in each time period are different, it's easy to keep up with the different characters. I figured out who Sadie was early on, but the other characters in the two periods were more of a mystery. As the mystery unravels, it was a gripping read.


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