Her Mountain Side Haven by Jo McNally

 Release Date - January 26, 2021

Jillian Coleman likes her life on the mountains in New York. She's close to many within the town, but she also has plenty of privacy. As she suffers from intense panic attacks, her ability to escape and isolate herself is important to her.

Enter Matt Danzer. The developer buys the vacant, run-down ski resort that neighbors her property. He's planning to renovate it and sell it. That's the last thing Jillian needs, and she's determined to do everything she can to keep him and his crew off the access road that goes onto her land. 

What Jillian doesn't expect is to start falling for Matt. It's not going to be easy changing her life and letting someone else in, but he might be too good to let go.

Having grown up near ski resorts, I found it very easy to picture Jillian's home and land. I'm also more familiar with panic attacks than a person should be. They were created using a lot of realism. The tunnel vision sensation. The difficulty breathing. It's all very, very real.

This is a tender romance that doesn't take long. It is warm and uplifting and exactly what I needed. Curl up with a coffee and a slice of chocolate cake with raspberry sauce, just as Jillian enjoys within the book, and enjoy getting lost for a while.


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