An Accusation by Wendy James

 Release Date - January 1, 2021

Ellie Canning is lucky to have survived being held captive in the basement of a remote farmhouse. She manages to escape and only remembers small details. The woman who kidnapped her has dark hair and lived with an elderly mother in a farmhouse. It was a woman she didn't know, but the nation is focused on Ellie's tale of survival and is turning this teen into an overnight celebrity.

Soon, Ellie identifies an area school teacher as her abductor. Suzannah Wells doesn't seem to have any motive. She's an esteemed former actress who now teaches drama. Suzannah assures those closest to her that she's innocent and has been wrongly named, but those on her side are few and far between. 

Neither Ellie or Suzannah have any reason or motive for lying, but clearly one of them must be.

An Accusation is based on the true story of Elizabeth Canning, an 18th century maid who disappeared and later reappeared in poor health. She claimed to have been kidnapped by two local woman.

This is an interesting suspense mystery as it's really kind of hard to like Ellie. Her use of her kidnapping and imprisonment to become an online sensation made her unlikable. Suzannah, however, is caregiver to a mom with what seemed like a classic case of early-onset Alzheimer's, which made me relate to her.

For most readers, you'll probably find it easier to support Suzannah and root for her. This kept me hooked in the story. I ended up reading it in one sitting. 


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