Why I Held Your Hand by Augusta Reilly

 Release Date - October 23, 2020

Why I Held Your Hand isn't the typical romance. There is a love triangle in this story is unlike any I've experience often when reading romance novels as the heroine really didn't seem to know who she loved more either. This one leaves you guessing as to who Laura will choose. 

Laura Delaney wakes up in her car uncertain where she is or why she's there. Worse, her bra is missing and has somehow become part of a young boy's apparel. When a hot guy knocks on her window, she's embarrassed. Worse, this is one of the marketing experts she's due to meet with in a matter of minutes. Talk about mortifying!

Laura's job is to save her beloved town from ruin. While it's a quaint country town lined with shops and old Victorian houses, tourists flock to the bigger cities and overlook North Powell. The town is failing and Laura needs to save it. Landing help from the biggest marketing firm in the area is important, only the town has very little budget. Miracles do happen and the trio of owners at the marketing firm agrees to help out.

Now, Laura is working very closely with two of the firm's bigwigs. David (the hottie from the car situation) is enamored with Laura and soon the pair are spending every free minute together. Her Mondays, however, are spent showing around Spence, another of the firm's owners. While she believes she's falling in love with David, the more she sees of Spence, the more conflicted she becomes. Each men is appealing but in very different ways and she must choose one.

The humor in Augusta Reilly's book is clear, and it's balanced well by the romance which is steamy. Those parts I did like. I struggled with Laura though. For someone as liberated as she is, I just can't buy her needing to pick one man over the other. She definitely didn't seem like she was in any frame of mind to settle down with just one guy, and that impacted how believable I felt the outcome was unfortunately.


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