We Hear Voices by Evie Green

 Release Date - December 1, 2020

In We Hear Voices Rachel will do anything for her young son. When the flu almost kills him, she's shocked to have him survive within moments of what she's certain will be his death. As he gets better, his reliance on his new imaginary friend starts to worry Rachel. Delfy is making him do unusual things like collect a box full of spiders to gift to Rachel. Eventually, the things he does become more alarming and have all of their family worried. 

Rachel just got her son back from the grips of death. She doesn't want to lose him again. Yet, the longer he's with them, the more dangerous it becomes. She begins to fear that Delfy isn't simply an imaginary friend. Delfy may be far more evil.

The creep factor in We Hear Voices is all there. Everyone, especially Rachel's mom, have theories, and I had to say that I wondered from the start if her mom might be correct. As the story continues, and sometimes it dragged a big too much, it all started to make sense.

There will be moments when the flu in Rachel's time experience will remind you a big of the current COVID pandemic. There may be similarities between her government of sorts and ours. I never found that bothered me as much as I first thought it would. Instead, it had me thinking "what if..." It's definitely a book that will make you stop and think and wonder.


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