The Choice by Alex Lake

 Release Date - December 29, 2020

New in paperback, Alex Lake's The Choice poses an impossible choice. What would you do to get your children back?

It was supposed to be a quick in-and-out shopping trip and return home. Matt Westbrook trusted his oldest son enough while he ran into the corner store. His car was right outside the door. He had his eyes on his car for almost the entire time. He only needed a couple of items, so it made more sense to do it that way than take them all out of the car.

Matt only looked away for a fraction of a second while paying. In that briefest of moments, his car and children disappeared. Worse, he gets a text message that he cannot call the police. If he does, his children are dead.

Back at home, Matt and his wife are desperate. They want their children back, but they're at the mercy of the kidnapper. When the message comes in, it's clear that there's only one way they can get them back. Matt must exchange his wife for his children. It's a choice he doesn't want to make, but there seems to be no other option. Matt's wife is willing to put her safety at risk if the kids are safe. Matt's not as sure he can live without her.

Each chapter is told by either Matt or the kidnapper. It flips between the past and the present. It's clear where you are in the story and who is speaking. Even if you were struggling, the kidnapper's font is different, so it's clear when it's the kidnapper's voice.

From the first page, the tension in this suspense is clear. I cannot imagine making the choice they have to make. I waited eagerly to see what they'd decide and how it would play out. As the story progresses, I did find myself disappointed when the big reveal is made. I'd figured it out at that point.

That's where I started having issues with Matt's character. Because I knew who the kidnapper was, some of Matt's choices frustrated me. Read it, and you'll see what I mean.


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