The Hollows by Steve Frech

 Release Date - February 20, 2020

I admit to being a sucker for books set in Vermont. Steve Frech does a good job creating the fictional town of The Hollows where Jacob Reese is renting a cottage on his property on an upscale take on AirBNB. The owner of a local coffeeshop lives quiet, happy life splitting time between his rental and his shop that has the potential to become a chain.

Jacob's latest renter leaves him puzzled. She checks in and disappears after leaving an ominous note in the guest registry. After that, another renter spots a ghost of a woman on the shore. Jacob finds several clues that the girlfriend who died years ago is alive and seeking revenge. He's not sure what to make of it, but it's clear someone is after him and plans to turn his life upside down.

Dark Hollows had a great premise and I loved the setting. As the mystery builds up, I was hooked. That's where the book lost me. The ending just seemed like a cheat to me. One of those "not sure how to end it so let's just do this..." situations. It didn't seem to be as well thought out as the rest of the story. 


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