Looking for a Cowboy by Donna Grant

 Release Date - October 27, 2020

Her days as an officer ended when Marlee Frampton's sister was found butchered and her fetus stolen from the womb. She became a private investigator devoting every minute of the day to finding stolen children. Her current case brings her to Texas where another woman has been murdered and another infant is missing.

Cooper Owens is immediately attracted to the stranger in his town. Why he's not fond of her approach and suspicions, he and his friends do jump in to help her with her case. If someone in his town is running an illegal adoption ring, he'll do everything possible to put an end to it. Winning Marlee's heart will be an added bonus.

Looking for a Cowboy is part mystery and plenty of heated romance. Marlee and Cooper click from the start. I liked that she was able to balance her work with the possibility of romance. I loved that he was willing to work with her and that his friends quickly joined in. The characters all had a bond that you could just tell wouldn't be easily broken.

It's a quick read that's perfect for curling up with. Grab a blanket, find a cozy chair, and indulge in this latest edition to Donna Grant's Heart of Texas series.


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