The House of Secrets by Sophie Draper

 Release Date - September 1, 2020

The cover art on The House of Secrets caught my eye. The plot sounded intriguing. Unfortunately, that's where my interest in the book ended. I wanted to get swept up into a deep mystery, but I knew what was going on in terms of one aspect of the story well before the twist was revealed. I didn't find it surprising.

Claire's son is her world. Stuck in a marriage with a man who seems happier in other women's arms, Claire's plotting to leave their waterfront home. She just needs her son to come with her. When he disappears, her world starts to unravel and she must go back over the events that led her here if she's to find him.

I'm not always a fan of books where the storyline jumps back and forth in time. While you know who is speaking and if it's past or present, the jumps were distracting to me. Sometimes it works well, in this case, the switches pulled me out of the action and had me struggling to stay interested.

I never loved the characters. Joe I found to be rude to his mom and while I get his interest in metal detecting, his comings and goings were not acceptable given that they were letting him live with them when he was old enough to be on his own. I didn't like the husband. Duncan could have easily left his marriage and then moved on to the woman of the week, but he opted to basically torture his wife emotionally. It made him a jerk. Claire's reasons for staying also seemed weak.

In the end, I read the book to see how things played out, but I ended up thinking it was a waste of my time. It had strong moments, but they weren't strong enough to keep me hooked.


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