In a Holidaze by Christina Lauren

 Release Date - October 6, 2020

If there's one thing I needed right now, it was something light and fun. Between news stories, family health matters, the ongoing pandemic, and the topics I research for work, it's easy to feel overwhelmed. In a Holidaze was a heavy dose of exactly what I needed. Rush to get your hands on this engaging holiday romance.

College friends gather with their families every year for the holidays. Maelyn Jones, her parents, and her younger brother are back for another gathering, but this year is different. They learn that the Hollis family is going to sell their vacation home. Mae's already having a tough time with a job that's not what she expected. She's never told Andrew Hollis how she really feels about him.

After learning this could be their last Christmas together, her family is in a car crash. She wakes up on the plane days earlier with Christmas week ahead of her. Something is going on. December 21st keeps happening over and over, and it seems that this may be her one chance to change her future.

Christina Lauren's holiday romance is heartwarming. There are moments of humor, plenty  of sizzling romance, and strong family bonds. The characters and setting draw you in and make you wish you were there. I loved every moment of the story and kind of wish it hadn't come to an end. 

If you want an uplifting romance, don't miss this one!


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