A California Christmas by Brenda Novak

 Release Date - October 13, 2020

I loved this holiday romance. I'm a fan of the Silver Springs series by Brenda Novak anyway, but this installment was a delight. 

Emery Bliss flees her home after her boyfriend, who happens to be her co-worker, publishes a sex video she had no idea he'd filmed. She's lost her job, her dignity, and her boyfriend in a matter of days. She's staying at Silver Springs for now with her mom's friend Aiyana. She never expects Dallas Turner to come home.

Dallas is back in town in preparation for his mom's wedding. Aiyana's wedding is a long-time coming, and he plans to be there for every minute of the preparations and big event. When he finds Emery in his mom's home, he's stunned. He's had a crush on her for years. When he learns why she's there, he wants to do everything possible to help her get justice for the way she was treated.

It isn't long before sparks are flying. Emery doesn't want any part of a new relationship, but Dallas is really hard to ignore. Dallas also isn't one to stay in one place for too long, so he's going to break her heart if she's not careful.

Brenda Novak does such an exceptional job at building up romantic tension and creating characters you want to spend time with. I loved seeing Emery come out of her shell. I also enjoyed seeing Dallas's protective nature coming into play. 

Every page of this romance left me hooked. By the time it was done, I was satisfied and eager to reach the next Silver Springs romance.


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