The Child Who Never Was by Jane Renshaw

 Release Date - August 16, 2020

When her toddler disappears from his crib, Sarah's frantic and hopes he's with her sister. However, her sister's house is dark and there's no sign of Evie or young Oliver. Things go from bad to worse when Sarah's doctor denies that she even has a son. She's placed into a mental health facility to get the help she needs. Sarah's own sister tells her that "Oliver" doesn't exist. Evie has the toddler and his name is James.

This isn't Sarah's first experience with mental illness. She suffered severe trauma as a child and deals with several issues, including severe agoraphobia. Despite this, she's convinced that she had a child and desperately wants to find the proof that Oliver/James is her son and that her sister stole him.

I have to say that this book is packed with twists. The Child Who Never Was keeps spiraling towards a rather surprising conclusion and all the way there is the constant tug of war of thoughts. Is Sarah declining? Is Evie lying? Who is Oliver/James really? If it is all a ruse, how did Evie pull it off? If it's not, how is Evie going to stop her sister as she becomes more cunning in her quest to get her child back?

I enjoyed the mystery and suspense and would put this on your reading list.


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