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The Nesting by C. J. Cooke

 Release Date - September 29, 2020 Following a suicide attempt, Lexi Ellis isn't sure what to do next. Her relationship is over. She needs a place to stay, a job, and a new start. When she overhears a woman and her friend discussing a live-in nanny position in Norway, Lexi listens in. The woman doesn't want the job, so Lexi snaps a picture of the woman's CV and job inquiry and poses as that woman. She never expects to land the job, but that's exactly what happens. Tom Faraday is an architect who is working on his late wife's dream cliffside home. She died tragically, but he can't let her dream end. He needs a nanny to help their daughters, and Lexi seems like the perfect fit. After all, Lexi finds herself enamored by the two young girls and a mother figure is exactly what the little girls need.  It doesn't take long before Lexi realizes there is a serious problem. Young Gaia keeps seeing a "sad lady" haunting the home. Lexi finds muddy footprin

Don't Look for Me by Wendy Walker

 Release Date - September 15, 2020 The past five years have been rough on Molly Clarke. When her daughter ran out in front of her car, she did everything she could to stop in time. Since that day, there's been a lot of blame. No one can blame Molly more for her daughter's death than she does. Her oldest daughter hates her, her son won't talk to her, and she's pretty sure her husband is having an affair. If she walked away, she knows none of them would miss her. Her chance arrives when she runs out of gas just shy of Hastings, Connecticut. It's her chance to abandon her car, walk away, and never look back. There's a major storm hitting the town, which means she has time to get away before anyone will notice. When Molly's car is found abandoned, her family is called. They head to Hastings to search for her, but all that remains is a note telling them not to look for her. Her daughter isn't convinced. Weeks later, a phone call draws Nic back to Hastings

Road Out of Winter by Alison Stine

 Release Date - September 1, 2020 Winter is here to stay. Because spring never arrived in the Appalachians in Ohio, 19-year-old Wylodine has been running her family's marijuana farm single-handedly since her mother and her mother's boyfriend left for California. It's hard work, but Wyl's been taught well and is good at what she does. When winter never turns into spring for a year and then continues into a second, Wyl realizes it's time to follow them with what's left of their thriving farm. Her friend left long ago and the town is quickly becoming a ghost town.  She takes seeds, her grow lights, and whatever else she needs and gets ready to set off. She ends up with a teen boy who's close to her age. They pick up a second guy their age and end up running into every obstacle they could possibly face. If they make it to California alive, it's going to take some incredible wisdom, strength, and determination. As a teen, I loved Stephen King's The Stan

One Step Behind by Lauren North

 Release Date - September 1, 2020 Jenna is a busy doctor in an ER department. She sees many patients during a shift before returning home to her husband and children. Something more concerning has her attention lately. She has a stalker. Her stalker is leaving her creepy gifts and sending ominous emails. Police are not turning up anything. When her stalker enters her home to leave her a gift, Jenna become even more frightened.  Soon, the same stalker she's seen taking photos of her and her family is brought into the ER. She has the power to save his life or end it. As a doctor she knows she has to save his life, but the photos she finds on his phone solidify her need to get answers as to who he is and why he's so obsessed. One Step Behind has a strong creep factor. I think my one complaint is that I figured out who the stalker was pretty early on. I also nailed another part of the story that was meant to be a big surprise, but I thought it was predictable. I usually hate fi

The Child Who Never Was by Jane Renshaw

 Release Date - August 16, 2020 When her toddler disappears from his crib, Sarah's frantic and hopes he's with her sister. However, her sister's house is dark and there's no sign of Evie or young Oliver. Things go from bad to worse when Sarah's doctor denies that she even has a son. She's placed into a mental health facility to get the help she needs. Sarah's own sister tells her that "Oliver" doesn't exist. Evie has the toddler and his name is James. This isn't Sarah's first experience with mental illness. She suffered severe trauma as a child and deals with several issues, including severe agoraphobia. Despite this, she's convinced that she had a child and desperately wants to find the proof that Oliver/James is her son and that her sister stole him. I have to say that this book is packed with twists. The Child Who Never Was keeps spiraling towards a rather surprising conclusion and all the way there is the constant tug of war