The Vacation: A Novel by T.M. Logan

Release Date - July 21, 2020

It's been years since Kate and her three college buddies have gotten together. Life got in the way. They've all planned to share a luxury villa in France for a week - spouses and kids included. Kate finds out that someone is hiding a secret, however. Her husband gets a text message from one of her friends. They're having an affair, and Kate wants to know which of her friends is putting her marriage in jeopardy.

Soon, it's clear that there are several secrets hidden within the group of friends. No one is innocent, and some of these secrets are worth killing for.

I love T.M. Logan's writing but The Vacation never grabbed me the same way that other novels have. It's not bad, but it seemed to drag. I had a feeling where some of the "secrets" were going. They weren't very surprising.

At the same time, the setting drew me in and I wanted to be at that villa and walking to the village for wine and fresh croissants. I kept reading simply for those details.


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