The Last Wife by Karen Hamilton

 Release Date - July 7, 2020

After her best friend dies of cancer, Marie agrees to honor Nina's dying wish, but the truth is Marie has always been jealous of everything Nina has. She'd like nothing more than to live Nina's life so being asked to look after Nina's family isn't a big deal. In fact, it could be the best thing that's ever happened to Marie. Or, at least she thinks that to be true, but the reality may be far different.

Things aren't always as they seem in this suspense, but I really struggled to stay with it. Even when I was a good halfway through the book, I was struggling. It's never a good sign. As much as I wanted to find that point where the novel changed and dragged me in, everything in the story dragged. As a new friend is introduced, I didn't care. As Marie embedded herself more and more into Nina's family, I really didn't care. I had to struggle to finish it.

By the end, I'd never liked any of the characters. I shouldn't feel relief to be done a book and be able to delete it. Unfortunately, it was my reaction.


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