The Cottages on Silver Beach by Raeann Thayne

Release Date - June 2018

Here's an older romance you may have overlooked that needs to be on your TBR pile. The Cottages on Silver Beach feature FBI agent Elliot Bailey. He's back in town for his sister's wedding reception and books one of Megan Hamilton's lakefront cottages. There's one big problem. She hates him and doesn't see he's the one who make the online reservation until it's paid in full. She can't turn him away.

Megan is an up-and-coming photographer and inn owner. She's spent years helping her brother raise his kids after his wife vanished. The town suspects he murdered her, but her body's never been found. Elliot is one of those who turned his back on his former best friend, and Megan's not about to forgive or forget.

Back in Haven Point, Elliot is forced to realize that he's never going to get over Megan, but she's guarded and can't return his feelings knowing he still feels her brother is guilty.

I'm not sure why I struggled to review The Cottages on Silver Beach when it came out. I'm glad I gave it the second chance, even if it is two years after the release. It was an intriguing mix of romance and mystery. There's a follow-up, too, that may offer more insight into Luke's missing wife. I'm eager to read that one.


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