She's Faking It by Kristin Rockaway

Release Date - June 30, 2020

She's Faking It drew me in from the start. Bree Bozeman is in a tight spot. Her slacker boyfriend took off to find himself. In the process he left her stuck with the rent. When her car dies in the middle of her job as a food delivery person, her five-star rating and job as a GrubGetter vanish.

It's her sister who urges her to read a guide from a self-help life coach. Bree is desperate, so she's eager to try anything that might help her find out who she is and what she wants from life. The problem is that even after reading the book, she's not certain she knows. For now, she opts to take the guru's advice and "fake it until you make it."

Faking it could be the solution to Bree's problems. She's starting to get freebies from companies who spot her Instagram account. She's gaining followers. Best of all, she may have found the man of her dreams. Can you really build a life for yourself when it's based on a lie?

This book was a delightful read. While I could see all of the mistakes Bree was making, I liked seeing her grow as she gained confidence and realized what she didn't want from life. By the end, I was rooting for her, her sister, and her best friend. I'd also fallen for surfer Trey Cantu, the man of Bree's dreams. It's not a book where you can tell how things will end up. You have hopes, but it's a little more realistic. The only way to really know if Bree finds happiness and if a man is what it takes to be happy is by reading this gem.


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