A Family for Beginners by Sarah Morgan

Release Date - May 5, 2020

Flora Donovan is happy with her job as a florist, but she's not as happy in other areas. Her apartment is the pits. Her mother also died when she was young, and she was raised by an aunt who really had no interest in becoming an "instant mom." When she meets Jack Parker, a widower, she enters into a relationship cautiously. She knows that his daughters have to come before her as they're grieving the loss of their mom.

When a burst pipe destroys Flora's apartment, Jack asks Flora to stay with them until she can find something safer than where she was. She's hesitant, but he and his younger daughter insist. It's the teen daughter that is going to prove to be harder to befriend. Soon, Flora's invited to join the family on their yearly trip to the Lake District in the U.K., and that's where she will have to decide if she can be part of this family or if walking away would be best for these girls.

A Family for Beginners was a delightful story. I teared up a lot, laughed quite a bit, and had to read everything. The story opens with Jack's late wife's best friend deciding if she needs to destroy a letter or not. The opening plays a part later in the story. It may seem out of place once the story switches to Flora, but it will make sense later.

I loved that each character had flaws and didn't hide them. They all struggled to find their place and fit in. They didn't throw in the towel and give up. It's clear where the story will go but getting there is a treat.


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