The Heirloom Garden by Viola Shipman

Release Date - April 28, 2020

Iris Maynard became a single mom when her husband was killed in the line of duty during WWII. Shortly after that, her young daughter died. Iris's attentions turned to her lavish gardens as walls around her house went up. Her grandmother's house turned into a rental that she only allows to get rented to very specific people.

Abby Peterson's husband came home from the Iraq War a shell of the man he was. Abby's the one supporting the family now, but it's clear her husband is struggling to be the father she and her daughter, Lily, need him to be while she's at work.

When her father fails to pick her up from her day camp, Lily ends up befriending Iris. Iris may be a bit reclusive, but the girl's curiosity about the flowers in Iris's yard wins her over. She soon finds herself growing closer to this family. It could be exactly what they all need in order to turn tragedy into new starts for everyone.

I shed many tears reading this touching story. The setting is gorgeous and had me wanting to be part of this quaint lakeside town. Iris's gardens had me longing for my own lilacs and roses to bloom. I was so drawn to all of the characters and was sad to see my time on the shores of Lake Michigan come to an end.

The Heirloom Garden should be number one on your list for summer reading. It's touching and vivid. It's hard not to feel like you're part of the town.


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